Julia & Dylan’s Juneau, AK Wedding

August 21, 2021

I live in Telluride where the sun shines everyday and everything is candy canes and rainbows. Everyone is always smiling.

Its annoying sometimes.

When Dylan and Julia told me to expect a rain-soaked gray foggy mess in Juneau I was chomping at the bit to get up there.

Salty Air. Saltier people. Flannels. Grit. Rubber boots. Moss that grows on cars. That great PNW depressing dampness that makes you want to paint your walls yellow and listen to the Fastbacks to brighten up the day and keep yourself from jumping off the nearest fishing boat. Its good shooting weather.

Gloom and doom; it was all in my reach.

Then the sun came out…

And it was cool. Its a rare treat to see the sun in AK. You can’t get any luckier on your wedding day. Dylan and Julia are old friends from Telluride. It was an honor to be asked to shoot their wedding and get to spend time in Juneau with many of our friends from home and see Julia’s childhood home where the wedding was held. I can’t wait to go back.