We are a pair of photographers and filmmakers who love exploring in the mountains, capturing real moments, and crafting timeless, artful images for our couples. Our passion is in documenting the emotion, the quirks, and the story- when you look back on this day, we want you to remember how it felt.

Bio photo of Telluride elopement photographer Ben Eng
Bio photo of Telluride wedding videographer and adventurous elopement photographer Aurelie Slegers






I photographed my first wedding over 15 years ago when a good friend of mine convinced me to shoot his. At the time I was a burgeoning professional snowboard photographer who was totally nervous and freaked out by the thought of being charged with the responsibility of capturing one of the most important days of a person's life with no do-overs on film! But I did it, and it turned out I liked it; its fun and it's also very gratifying creating personal images that people hold close to heart.

I am a graduate of Fort Lewis College in nearby Durango, CO who never left after graduation and therefore have spent my entire adult life in the San Juan Mountains, 10 years of it in Telluride full-time (another 6 part-time) where I still reside in town at the bottom of Chair 7. These days I am a full-time elopement & wedding photographer and I spend my free time snowboarding and mountain biking while not behind the lens. I was a staff photographer for Telluride Ski Resort for a decade and have also freelanced for all of the regional ski areas and tourism boards. I continue to this day shooting for The Snowboard Journal out of Bellingham, WA and Venture Snowboards out of Silverton, CO.

Random facts:

+ I have more snowboard pants and bike shorts than ACTUAL pants and shorts

+ Obsessed with 4x4 campers.

+ Colorado native

As far as I can remember, I’ve always been fascinated with humans. How we make sense of the world through our relationships, our belief system, our work. I spent the first 3 years of my adult life traveling the globe, exploring the various ways people live, trying to find my own place within it. My existential quest led me to Cambridge, UK, to pursue a degree in Philosophy and Psychological Studies. After graduating, I ‘accidentally’ ended up in Telluride, CO as a traveling nanny. These mountains completely & unexpectedly changed my outlook on life and who I thought I was- within a few weeks in this magical place, my big plans of an academic life in the city got replaced by an overwhelming desire to get out of my head, and I became obsessed with mountain biking, snowboarding, and photography.

That was over 10 years ago. Discovering the medium of photography and filmmaking has given me the outlet I had been looking for to express myself creatively and explore what it means to be human in a way that doesn’t always have to ‘make sense’ intellectually. I am so grateful to have found a way to make a living from my 3 biggest passions; humanity, art, and exploring this awe-inspiring planet we get to temporarily inhabit.

I currently live on 18 acres in the middle of nowhere with my partner Brandon, our three-year-old daughter Leona, and our dogs Daisy and Kitty Kitty (we don’t know how to tell her she’s actually a cat).

Random facts:

+ Real name is actually Aurélie (oh-reh-LEE) but since nobody can pronounce it, goes by Elle

+ Grew up in Quebec, Canada, in a Belgian family

+ Used to race downhill mountain bikes competitively and won the 2012 National Championship in her age category

+ Latest obsession is gardening, and filling her house with as many plants as possible

+ Has ambitions of becoming a documentary filmmaker, shedding light on social & environmental issues